La Chambre autorise à nouveau l’oléoduc Keystone XL, défiant Obama (French)
Publish Date: 20-NOV-2014 10:18 AM
La Chambre des représentants américaine a voté vendredi pour autoriser l’oléoduc controversé Keystone XL, ardemment soutenu par le Canada, mais Barack Obama a laissé entendre qu’il pourrait opposer son veto si la mesure était finalement adoptée par le Sénat. 
Oléoduc Énergie Est : 175 pétroliers par année à Cacouna (French)
Publish Date: 31-OCT-2014 09:12 AM
Quelque 175 pétroliers traverseront chaque année une zone de reproduction des bélugas pour accoster au port de Cacouna, révèlent des documents rendus publics hier par le promoteur du pipeline Énergie Est, TransCanada. Dans une conférence de presse pour marquer le dépôt du projet de 12 milliards devant l'Office national de l'énergie, hier, le président d'Oléoduc Énergie Est, François Poirier, n'a pas voulu s'avancer sur le nombre de navires qui transiteront par le port. 
Climate damages litigation could cost Canadian oil & gas companies billions: study
Publish Date: 09-OCT-2014 12:32 PM
Canadian oil and gas companies could be liable for billions of dollars of damages for their contribution to climate change, according a study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and West Coast Environmental Law (West Coast) that analyzes scenarios in which the legal landscape concerning climate damages litigation could suddenly and dramatically change.  
Le quart de l’électricité mondiale pourrait provenir de l’énergie solaire (French)
Publish Date: 30-SEP-2014 10:35 AM
D’ici 2050, le soleil pourrait être une ressource plus importante que les énergies fossiles, le nucléaire et l’hydroélectricité 
Plan Nord: un pilier du développement économique, estime Couillard (French)
Publish Date: 30-SEP-2014 10:23 AM
Même si les prix des ressources minières ont connu une baisse marquée depuis la première mouture du Plan Nord libéral, le premier ministre Philippe Couillard espère toujours en faire un pilier important du développement économique de la province. 
Oil and gas pollution committee quietly silenced
Publish Date: 16-SEP-2014 09:24 AM
Environment Canada appears to have quietly ended key discussions that were intended to tackle carbon pollution from the oil and gas industry. A committee made up of representatives from Environment Canada, the Alberta government and oil and gas companies was created in the fall of 2011 to develop options to reduce industrial greenhouse gases from the oilsands sector, the country’s fastest growing source of carbon emissions. 
Lab workers at Chalk River nuclear site worried about threatened pension changes
Publish Date: 09-SEP-2014 11:37 AM
Nuclear power researchers and other employees at a laboratory in Eastern Ontario say they'll picket the facility today over potential changes to their pensions. 
Canadian government declines interviews on oilsands health impacts
Publish Date: 05-SEP-2014 11:19 AM
Who are Health Canada’s experts assessing human health impacts of oilsands development? And why has the federal government never done a comprehensive study of health impacts in the region after more than half a century of industrial development? 
Terminal pétrolier et bélugas : voix discordante à Pêches et Océans (French)
Publish Date: 04-SEP-2014 02:15 PM
Les forages que TransCanada veut faire à Cacouna ont fait couler beaucoup d'encre, mais au-delà de ces travaux, c'est tout le projet de terminal pétrolier et le trafic maritime accru qu'il générera qui «risquent d'avoir des effets négatifs» sur les bélugas. Et ce ne sont pas des militants de Greenpeace qui le disent, mais bien des scientifiques de Pêches et Océans dans un «avis» récent. 
Keystone Ads Mislead on Canada ‘s Deep Cuts to Environmental Monitoring
Publish Date: 02-SEP-2014 01:58 PM
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has set aside $22.7 million for an advertising blitz this year to promote oil and Canada's other natural resources in the United States, Europe and Asia. But scientists and environmental groups say the advertising message is misleading its target audience about the Canadian government's failure to clean up the oil sands, Canada’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. 
Québec s’en remet à TransCanada (French)
Publish Date: 30-AUG-2014 01:19 PM
Malgré le fait qu’il ait essuyé uniquement des refus de TransCanada à ses demandes répétées d’un avis scientifique en bonne et due forme, le gouvernement du Québec a autorisé l’entreprise à mener des forages sous-marins dans le secteur maritime de Cacouna en vue de la construction d’un port pétrolier destiné à exporter du pétrole des sables bitumineux. 
An inside look at U.S. think tank ‘s plan to undo environmental legislation
Publish Date: 24-AUG-2014 03:43 PM
Internal documents from this summer’s Dallas meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council, leaked to a watchdog group, reveal several sessions casting doubt on the scientific evidence of climate change. They also reveal sessions focused on crafting policies that reduce rules for fossil fuel companies and create obstacles for the development of alternative forms of energy. The meeting, hosted in Dallas from July 30 to Aug. 1, involved a mix of lobbyists, U.S. legislators and climate change contrarians, and was sponsored by more than 50 large corporations, including several that do business in Alberta’s oilsands. 
Le projet d’agrandissement du pipeline de Kinder Morgan contesté devant les tribinaux (French)
Publish Date: 22-AUG-2014 03:23 PM
La Ville de Vancouver dit qu'elle se présentera à la Cour d'appel fédérale, vendredi, pour contester le projet d'expansion du pipeline Trans Mountain de la compagnie Kinder Morgan. L'administration municipale veut une révision judiciaire pour déterminer si l'Office national de l'énergie (ONÉ) doit tenir compte du changement climatique dans l'évaluation du projet.  
Nuclear innovation benefits Canada
Publish Date: 21-AUG-2014 03:19 PM
The Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation will soon be operating a new multipurpose cyclotron at the University of Saskatchewan. This cyclotron facility, one of the most advanced in the country, will be a source of medical isotopes and a centre of excellence for applying those isotopes for research into the diagnosis and treatment of conditions like heart disease, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and cancer. 
National Energy Board uses new power to fine pipeline operators
Publish Date: 19-AUG-2014 02:48 PM
Canada’s national energy regulator has for the first time used its new powers to penalize pipeline operators, imposing fines worth tens of thousands of dollars to four separate companies. The National Energy Board recently posted notice of two of the fines on its website against NOVA Gas Transmission, which is a subsidiary of TransCanada, and Kinder Morgan. Both companies told the Star that they accepted and paid the fines, but believe public safety wasn’t at risk. 
Oil company helped collect evidence for investigation into spill
Publish Date: 06-AUG-2014 11:03 AM
Federal and provincial authorities allowed a company under investigation for a serious oilsands leak to collect some evidence of the harm caused to wildlife, according to a newly released email from Environment Canada. “The game has always been, get rid of the federal government and then downgrade the provincial, and that is exactly what has gone on here,” said Duncan. “So everything that is done, including pipeline inspection, by the way, is done by the company and the proponents.” 
IMF calls for green shift with 52% gas hike in Canada
Publish Date: 31-JUL-2014 08:16 AM
The International Monetary Fund says Canada and other countries can improve their economies and environment by hiking energy taxes — while cutting them on people and capital. In a new book, Getting Energy Prices Right: From Principle to Practice, the IMF essentially endorses policies — at times advocated by the federal Liberals and NDP — calling for what some have termed a "green shift" in the taxation system. The Conservative government, however, has rejected carbon taxes. 
Emails show secrecy on federal oilsands probe
Publish Date: 29-JUL-2014 08:14 AM
Environment Canada’s enforcement branch asked a spokesman to “limit information” given to reporters about how long it took to launch a federal investigation into a serious Alberta oilsands leak last summer. The comments were included in more than 100 pages of emails obtained by the Star that were generated in response to questions from journalists last summer about the mysterious leak in Cold Lake, Alta., that now totals about 1.2 million litres of bitumen emulsion, a mixture of heavy oil and water. 
Arctic oil spills likely to spread across borders: study
Publish Date: 28-JUL-2014 08:30 AM
World Wildlife Fund study used computer models to predict how oil spills would behave in Beaufort Sea. New research suggests a major oil spill in Canada's western Arctic would likely spread quickly and foul oceans around Alaska and possibly as far west as Russia. The research, funded by the World Wildlife Fund, comes as the National Energy Board prepares to consider blowout prevention plans in two separate proposals for offshore energy drilling. 
L’Arctique à risque (French)
Publish Date: 26-JUL-2014 10:26 AM
Si un déversement majeur de pétrole devait se produire dans l’ouest de l’océan Arctique au Canada, les répercussions environnementales pourraient se manifester jusqu’en Russie, selon une nouvelle étude. Ces conclusions sont présentées par la division canadienne du World Wildlife Fund (WWF) alors que l’Office national de l’énergie se prépare à étudier des scénarios préventionnistes pour deux projets distincts d’exploration de pétrole dans la mer de Beaufort menés par la Pétrolière impériale et Chevron.